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For more than 20 years, South Tulsa Roofing has been the preferred Tulsa roofing contractor for new residential roofing and residential roofing repairs in Tulsa. We are Certified and the Preferred Roofing Contractor for every major brand of roofing material for residential roofs in Tulsa.

South Tulsa Roofing installs and repairs all types of residential roofs in Tulsa with any type of roofing material. We are equipped to do new residential roofs, repair storm damaged roofs, tear offs, locate and repair roof leaks, and roofs on newly constructed Tulsa homes.

New Residential Roofs in Tulsa

South Tulsa Roofing installs more new residential roofs in Tulsa than any other Tulsa roofing company. Our work, skill, and dependability speaks for itself. We install all the roofs for one of the largest home builder’s in the nation and have never receive any negative feedback. We average 350 new residential roofs each year in the Tulsa area.

Tulsa RoofingOur Residential Roofing Promise

South Tulsa Roofing is passionate and committed to install the best roofs in the Tulsa area. Our promise to you is:

  Only certified crews will work on your roof.
•  All waste & construction materials removed when we are done.
•  Your roof leaks will be stopped.
•  You will be satisfied & proud of your new roof.
•  You will be glad you chose South Tulsa Roofing!

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Storm Damage & Residential Roof Repair

Tulsa roof damageIn Tulsa, residential roofs all take an extreme beating year round from the weather. We have cold winters and hot summers both which damage your roofing material but we also get driving rains, hail storms and high winds. This all adds up to Tulsa roofing repairs or replacement.

In addition to the normal aging of your Tulsa residential roof, Oklahoma storms are known to cause significant damage to a homeowner’s roof, particularly in the spring and summer storm seasons. In recent years, winter storms have proven to be just as terrible with heavy snowfall and sever ice storms, damaging your home’s roof severely. Since nearly every Oklahoma storm has the potential to damage your home’s roof and the roofing material(s), South Tulsa Roofing has become the “go-to” residential roofing repair company in Tulsa.

Tulsa Roof Leak Repairs

No one likes a leaking residential roof. South Tulsa Roofing specializes in the repair of Tulsa roof leak repairs caused by storms, ice dams and aging. Sometimes all it takes is detecting the leak and repairing the area of the leak. If your roof shows a lot of signs of aging your roof may need to be replaced.

South Tulsa Roofing will inspect your roof to locate the leaks and determine the best way to make the roofing repair. With 20 years of experience, we have seen plenty of leaking roofs and have never failed to stop a roof leak. Don’t let a leaking roof ruin your walls, ceilings and floors—South Tulsa Roofing can locate and repair your leaking roof or do a total replacement depending on the roofing material conditions.

Request a Residential Roofing Inspection

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