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South Tulsa Roofing is a licensed commercial roofing company in Tulsa, specializing in new commercial roofing applications and commercial flat roof repair in Tulsa and surrounding areas. We use GPS and satellite imagery to easily assess the damage, wear, and durability of your current roofing. We always take the time to visit with you and perform a thorough inspection. Our model of personalized service ensures that South Tulsa Roofing delivers a fair and accurate quote for your commercial flat roof repair or replacement.

Our certifications in commercial roofing products and their different applications enforce the accountability that demands the highest standards from a commercial roofing company in Tulsa. When we recommend a commercial roofing product and roofing system, you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality product for the right roofing application on your commercial building.

New Commercial Flat Roofing | Commercial Roofing in Tulsa

flat roof tulsaFor new commercial flat roofing projects, you won’t find a more experienced or reliable commercial roofing company in Tulsa than South Tulsa Roofing! With the newest technology and membrane roofing systems, it is important for Tulsa business owners to choose an experienced and certified commercial roofer in Tulsa to get the job done properly. We know the difference between the old tar commercial flat roofs and today’s new membrane infused commercial flat roofs. A modern commercial roof is engineered to withstand the weather elements and damage from Tulsa storms better than the tar method of flat roofing. These new advancements make commercial roofing in Tulsa more efficient, enabling South Tulsa Roofing to deliver a longer-lasting roof for your commercial building. These types of commercial roofs also lower your insurance costs, help reduce building operating costs, and last much longer.

Preferred Commercial Roofing Contractor

South Tulsa Roofing is a full service commercial roofing company located in Tulsa. We are the preferred contractor for multiple roofing manufacturers and have certifications for roofing applications from multiple vendors. With our preferred contractor status we are able to get the best factory pricing available on any roofing material. This gives you the best roof for the best price. South Tulsa Roofing is fully insured, carries verifiable workman’s compensation and is a licensed roofing company by the State of Oklahoma.

If your commercial roof is leaking, has suffered storm damage, or simply needs replacement, call South Tulsa Roofing at 918-322-3200 or use our contact form to get in touch with us. South Tulsa Roofing can do any commercial flat roof repair or replacement.

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